• 06.09.17

  • 3 Months, 40,000 digital travelers. New revelations are on their way per request of the collective.

    For fellow cybernaughts:

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  • 05.07.17

  • 2 Months. Efficiency update: reduced code size by 10% across the entire site without removing anything.
    I've also fixed the error preventing the audio from playing in the Elighten and Expand sections.

  • 05.01.17

  • I desire more...

  • 04.15.17

  • Once again a steady flow of individuals, and once again the way we Connect has been greatly expanded.

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  • 04.11.17

  • As more digital entities have traversed the site, the streets are beginning to show signs of life. More to Expand in the future.

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  • 04.07.17

  • 1 Month
    20,000 Visitors
    At least twice as many hits
    Ranked in the 211th position on Neocities
    More successful than the original Geocities website
    Many have glimpsed the surface, some have explored the beyond

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  • 03.30.17

  • The way we Connect has been significantly altered to include more individual choice. Additionally other realities have been modified.

  • 03.23.17

  • Another physical week has elapsed and the number of unique digital individuals has now reached almost 10,000. Maintaining the commitment, the site has continued to Expand despite some lack of detail.

  • 03.16.17

  • Over 5,000 unique digital identities have sought out this site in the first week alone. With such reception I have decided to continually expand it from the shadows and Connect us.

  • 03.08.17

  • Entry.

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